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Tresor Track

the ultimate GPS solution for businesses

Our device is designed to help businesses of all sizes to keep track of their assets, from vehicles, to packages, luxury goods and more. Boasting two different formats; CarGo and a miniaturized device.

The smallest, smartest and safest tracker around.

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GPS tracker features

Our GPS tracker features a temperature and humidity sensor, geofence capabilities, and an accelerometer that can detect and measure movement, orientation, and vibration making it the perfect solution for all your tracking needs and notifying you with alerts.

With our device, you can track your assets in real-time, receive notifications if your assets move outside a geofenced area, and receive alerts for the temperature and humidity levels of your assets.

Tresor Track can be used by businesses

Tresor Track can be used by businesses in a wide range of industries, from logistics, deliveries, cold chain storage, animal services, and even by luxury goods retailers looking to protect their high-value assets.

Tresor Track comes in two forms

CarGo and our minaturized device, and can be customized to suit your specific requirements.

The CarGo version boasts a 9000mAh battery with several years lifespan, ensuring you always know where your vehicles are.

Our minaturized version aims to be the smallest solution on the market, making it easy to track packages and high-value items discreetly.

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It’s simple to get started with Tresor Track.

Tresor Track is available in a web dashboard, iOS Application and through our API. This enables you to monitor and manage your assets from one central location.

Our API makes it easy to integrate Tresor Track into your existing systems. Whether you’re a developer or business owner, we provide easy-to-use tools and comprehensive documentation for all your tracking needs.

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